Madly Fall In Love With The Best Kathi Roll In Gurgaon

best kathi rolls in gurgaon

Gurgaon is a hub city of industrialization and huge companies. People often look for some exciting and interesting eating places nearby their offices to have stress-buster food. Well, we bring you the good news!

With The Rollery, you will be able to taste the finger-licking rolls filled with garnishing flavours and sauces. It is mesmerizing and mouth-watering. This place serves the best Kathi rolls in Gurgaon. There is no other place like the Rollery that offers fabulously flavoured rolls made in a gourmet kitchen. Made among a huge variety of Indian herbs and spices, these rolls will smack up your lips to crave more.


Why Rollery for Kathi Rolls?

Rollery is recognized as the best Kathi rolls restaurant in Gurgaon. It has gained immense popularity due to its delicious texture or flavours. Moreover, with Rollery, you can satisfy your kebab cravings with our best Kathi rolls in Gurgaon. We have a small gourmet kitchen in Gurgaon where our chefs add up special flavouring touch to the rolls.

Claimed to be the original and authentic Gurgaon’s Kathi rolls made freshly in our gourmet kitchen, we provide various types of the best Kathi rolls in Gurgaon. The taste of our Kathi rolls will remind you of the desi street food. Our Kathi rolls have a unique taste in the entire Gurgaon.

Not only this, our best Kathi rolls in Gurgaon come in great variety. So, you can choose from our wide range- paneer Kathi roll, chicken Kathi roll, paneer tikka roll, and much more. Rollery is one of the yummiest spreads in Gurgaon which gives a mouth-watering Kathi rolls taste.

All you need to do is download our app or visit our website and get yourself treated with amazing gourmet rolls in Gurgaon. Spot us for the best Kathi rolls in Gurgaon, wrapped in goodness in each bite.


Our Chef’s Special Kathi Rolls

The Rollery’s gourmet kitchen focuses on creating the exciting texture of nostalgic flavours but new. Each bite of rolls will make you yum mm. Also, our branches will soon be spreading over other cities of India to serve every customer a taste of goodness.

The chef at our gourmet kitchen are experts in making the best Kathi rolls in Gurgaon. Their way of adding spices and herbs is out of the world. Moreover, each dough made be it- paratha, tortilla, or Pita, they are made with inspiration from different cultures. A pinch of every flavour is added, which makes it more interesting and tastier.

Our best Kathi rolls come in various savours such as The Chettinad Chicken Roll, Mushroom Hara Pyaz Roll, The Wine Spiced Lamb Burrito, and much more. These are some of the ‘Chef’s Special’ best Kathi rolls in Gurgaon that are curated perfectly with care and love. They have a perfect combination of comfort, nostalgic concept and curiosity along with plenty more eatery Kathi rolls.

Greet yourself with our tasteful and goody special Kathi rolls in Gurgaon.


Paneer Tikka Roll

Paneer Tikka Roll

One of the classics is made with chunks of cottage cheese and a variety of added bell peppers. It has a flavour of desi street and Dhaba style Kathi rolls. It will make you lick your fingers as it is curated with an Indian touch of tandoori marinade. A spicy and tandoori paneer Kathi roll is the best choice for a vegetarian looking for the rolls in Gurgaon.

Chicken Tikka Roll

Classic Chicken Tikka Roll

A smoky and classic chicken Kathi rolls specially made for spicy chicken lovers. It is made with morsels of tandoori chicken pieces that are crunchy along with added marinated masala onions, green chutney and a pinch of lime. This roll will give make you forget all the other chicken tikka rolls you ever had because of its smoky and sour taste.


Choose a Dough of Own Choice for Best Kathi Rolls in Gurgaon

The Rollery aim at delivering the best dough for our customers. We have different types of dough that are demanded by the customers. Our mission is to serve our customers, keeping in mind the trending demands for our products.

Many people are working to keep up with a healthy eating lifestyle. Therefore, we have specially considered these requirements. Our chefs have curated three types of dough/bread for making the Paneer roll in Gurgaon.


For Pita lovers, we have every Kathi roll wrapped with Pita roll and stuffed with the chosen flavoured tandoori grilled tikka.

For Paratha lovers, our Kathi rolls are made with crunchy paratha giving a unique touch to the entire Kathi roll.

Also, we have tortilla wrapping Kathi rolls that are eventful for those who want the best taste of the stuffing inside the roll.

What are you waiting for? Indulge yourself in our chef’s specials and taste the finger-licking Kathi rolls in Gurgaon.

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