How Butter Chicken Rolls Makes Me Feel Good

butter chicken kathi roll

Generally, there are three types of food lovers people. One who thinks that butter chicken is overrated, second who has never tasted butter chicken and third who loves butter chicken and drools over it. Well, these people have their tastes and preferences, but we feel sorry for those who have never tasted the delicious finger-licking taste of butter chicken rolls.

The best Indian cuisine is mostly owned, arguably, by the delicacy of flavour Mughal’s heritage. The most authentic butter chicken, however, has been far more the highest likeable dish among people. The Rollery has curated special and out-of-the-box butter chicken rolls for chicken lovers.
Gurgaon is the city of industrialization and thus, many people crave to get tasty and satisfying cuisine, especially when it comes to having chicken. Well, The Rollery has opened its arms to give one of the best tastes to its customers with their exciting butter chicken shawarma.

Butter Chicken Roll at The Rollery

butter chicken rolls

Today, we find butter chicken in burgers, pizzas, biryani, rolls, and whatnot. Chicken has made its way into every other type of laziz cuisine and has changed the entire flavour of the food item. The beauty of butter chicken rolls lies in its sweet texture and the way it is stuffed inside a roll.
We bet, these butter chicken Kathi rolls will make you reminiscence your old school days paratha roll with stuffed veggies or jam. Our best butter chicken roll comes in different flavours, where you will find one a bit spicy and one a bit sweeter. A whole different version of our chicken rolls made in Indian herbs & spices and freshly marinated chicken pieces.
Moreover, our butter chicken rolls are the best in Gurgaon, and we make sure to deliver them in no time. Our chef has specially curated a new version of it by making it smokier and more twisted. The Rollery aims at offering the best palate of chicken Kathi rolls in Gurgaon and make it unique in the market. Once you taste it, you will go mad over it. It fulfils your soul, and you will crave for more of our best rolls.

How The Rollery’s Best Butter Chicken Roll is Different?

Flavoursome and tender pieces of chicken cooked in the creamy and buttery makhani sauce give the ultimate taste to the butter chicken roll. Inside the stuffing comes freshly chopped onions and peppers, drizzling different flavoured chutneys and a parantha made with your choice of bread. We deliver the most epic street food, the famous chicken rolls in Gurgaon.
Not only this, we have especially taken care of people who wants to have some add-ons with their chicken roll. We have a variety of things on our menu. You can make combo meals with drinks, desserts, and can also have a sharing platter when enjoying yourself with a group. Moreover, The Rollery has made special attention when it comes to serving the type of roll. We have Parantha and Pita bread to make the best butter chicken rolls.
All you have to do is just order from our mobile app and get your delightful roll within seconds. With every bite of freshness and complex flavours, you will surely want to add it to your meals. Butter chicken rolls seem easy to make in less time but with absolute texture and appetizing outlook, it needs to be made with care and experienced hands. These are the best lunch ideas especially for working people and what’s more, you can have it all delivered directly to your doorstep. A popular yet the most authentic individually wrapped hearty meal is the finest choice.

Why The Rollery for Best Butter Chicken Rolls?

butter chicken shawarma

At The Rollery, every bite of every item is enriched with goodness and a perfect example of mesmerizing delicate cuisine. The best butter chicken roll made in the gourmet kitchen by amazing chefs will always be one of your favourites.

Best Rolls

The Rollery offers the best rolls across the world that are made with the originality of Indian herbs & spices. These are some of the most amazing Kathi rolls that you have never tasted before. With the goodness of juicy chicken pieces, our chicken rolls are the best in the world.

Get it at Your Doorstep

Making these special items in a gourmet kitchen, The Rollery is known to be the topmost delivery restaurant that satisfies their customers through their online delivery to their doorstep. Thus, enjoy these smoky butter chicken rolls in any weather. Abigidea

Fresh Ingredients

Ingredients used by our chefs are made within our gourmet kitchen. Now that’s where the real taste comes from! Instead of procuring bottled sauces, we make them on our own by using the pure taste of the ingredients found in the kitchen.

We bet you will be rolled all over our butter chicken rolls only in one bite! Order from us today.

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