egg rolls in Gurgaon

If you’re looking to get your hands on delicious yet healthy rolls that can add up the spiciness and authentic flavours, then The Rollery has something special for you. We have curated delicious egg rolls in Gurgaon adapted for gluten-free, vegetarian and even vegan diets, these rolls are nothing but your everyday snack partner. 

During a pandemic, people were searching for something tasty and healthy to enjoy their days at home. Egg rolls are incredibly easy to make and many ingredients are used which makes them more delicious and flavourful. Best egg rolls are known to be one of the popular appetizers and they can be found in every restaurant. The variations in this tasty snack are all over the place and at The Rollery, you will get something different when it comes to the flavour & authentic herbs used in our rolls. Similar to rolls mania in Gurgaon, we have our special online egg rolls which count as a unique form of a treat. 

How does Egg Rolls originate?

Egg rolls in Gurgaon are known to be a replica of spring rolls. However, egg roll is a Chinese culinary dish that has emerged in varied forms and today, it is served as the best healthy roll. The wrap is made in thick form to make the stuffing and wrap both filled with egg. These are popular street foods which are delivered hot & spicy by The Rollery. 

The paratha should be crispy, crunchy and fully cooked to evenly distribute the filling. With this, you will find each bite worthwhile and appetizing. Moreover, a roll is something that can be eaten just with one hand; thus, it fits having a bite in a busy schedule as well. Add a bite of the roll and go along with the mesmerizing taste of the egg rolls mania. At The Rollery, we make sure there is no overflowing of the stuffing, no leaking of sauces while you are taking every bite. Neatly packed and organized, we deliver every roll with safety and hygiene. You will find everything packed in a neat packaging box with a shining online egg roll inside it. 

Making of Egg Rolls at The Rollery

Egg Rolls at The Rollery

The special egg rolls are made with the goodness of spun Indian ingredients, natural eggs, and crispy paratha. For the outer wrap, a paratha is made similar to the lachcha paratha style, having layers and plenty of oil to make it crunchier. When the paratha is on the stove, these are cooked until golden brown from both sides. It forms a uniform crust which adds crispness to the roll. Then, a beaten egg is spread over the paratha and fried from both sides which adds an authentic flavour of eggs.

Our chefs add special ingredients from our gourmet kitchen to make it spicier and more exciting with some raw onions and lime juice to give it a new flavour. The stuffing can be made with potato, onion, or paneer for infusion of different flavours to a rolls mania egg roll.

After stuffing is done, our chefs present it with ketchup or mint chutney and you can enjoy the flavoursome egg rolls online as we deliver them to your doorstep in no time. Refreshing, hot, and spicy egg roll is ready to burst its flavours and bedazzle your soul. Make sure to taste every bite with every emotion and flavour. Some of our special egg rolls in Gurgaon that you should try are-

Double Egg Kathi Roll

Double egg kathi rolls

Made in the double wrap and bombarded with lots of eggs, this roll is blended with eggs, green chilli sauce, ketchup, and Ksundi mustard which gives it an Indian touch of Kolkata’s palette. Welcoming the flavour of Kolkata’s egg roll, it is one of the best egg rolls at The Rollery which delivers the authentic flavour of a real egg. It is a must-try double egg Kathi roll.

Single Egg Chilli Chicken Roll

A desi street style chilli chicken roll made with egg paratha is all you need to savour your taste this evening. It is enriched with real Indian herbs & spices and if you’re looking for a roll with a combination of chicken & egg, then this roll is your ultimate option. Moreover, you will find it spicy and fresh with lots of Indian herbs added to it. Try this online egg roll to satisfy your hunger.

Single Egg Chicken Keema Roll


What’s more fun than having a roll made on Tawa with chicken, keema and egg combination? It is made in egg paratha and stuffed with chicken & keema pieces to give a unique taste. If you’re a chicken lover, then it’s a perfect roll for you to savour your taste.

Order online for the best egg rolls at The Rollery and enjoy the tasty treat.