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best delivery restaurants in gurgaon

With winters coming in full swing, it’s quite obvious to treat yourself with some spicy Kathi rolls to bring the hotness in cold weather. The whole idea to gorge on your favorite Kathi roll restaurant in Gurgaon is what is needed. 

Are you tired of searching for the best Kathi roll restaurant in Gurgaon? Well, there are plenty of the best delivery restaurants in Gurgaon that will please your soul with their mouth-watering Kathi rolls. Smoky chicken tikka rolls with flavored chutneys are all you need to thank us.

Kathi rolls have gained so much popularity today as you can see a Kathi roll restaurant in every corner. It is one of the most famous street foods similar to panipuris, samosas, and tikkis. However, these are something trendy, fulfilling, and refreshing. 

People especially working one often forgets or skip their breakfast due to early meetings. Therefore,The Rollery is presenting you the luxury to order and have a pleasant meal. Kathi roll for breakfast or lunch is the perfect choice when you are craving something appetizing. Check out our best chicken tikka and other add-ons and enjoy ordering online. 

The Rollery

best delivery restaurants in gurgaon

What’s better than having an amazing Kathi roll spun with goodness in a gourmet kitchen? The Rollery presents a wholesome feeling of nostalgia by bringing back a replica of paratha stuffed with chutneys and veggies. The best delivery restaurants in Gurgaon, we curate perfect rolls with a wide variety of flavors. We believe in adding authentic Indian herbs & spices to give a natural taste to our famous Kathi rolls. Not only this, our rolls are made in a special gourmet style with a lip-smacking taste. 

The Rollery will fulfill every craving with its honest ingredients, flavor, and newness to their Kathi rolls. These rolls are something that you have never experienced before. With the taste of every region, we bring you to a kitchen of delicious escapades. The Rollery ensures freshness is delivered in the quickest possible time while you soothe your hunger and experience the best customer service. Additionally, with pandemic circling, safety is our topmost priority. So, be assured of tasty flavors coming your way and knocking at your doorstep with the best delivery restaurants in Gurgaon.

Our Chef’s Specials

There is no limit to the delicacy a Kathi roll offers. With varied styles, flavours, and breads used to make these rolls, The Rollery has its specials whose one bite will melt your soul. These specials are made with added uniqueness by our chefs who are professional and know how to please the customers.

Achari Soya Chaap Roll

Soya achari chaap rolls

Chaap is one of the common snacks found today on every street. It comes in a huge variety from spicy to sweet, our elegant achari soya chaap roll is something you cannot escape. Tiny chunks of masala chaap marinated in creamy paste and added spicy ingredients & desi achar (a great speciality of Indian cuisine), this roll will give you goosebumps with every bite. It is one of the best Kathi rolls for vegetarians who are looking for something exciting and flavoursome.

Not only this, you will find this chaap roll with a blended combination of Indian achaar and soya chunks together curating a divine taste. Do not miss this at any cost.

Arabian Falafel Roll

Well, needless to mention, we know you guys want something healthy transformed into tastier rolls. The Rollery has fulfilled all your demands as we present you our famous arabian falafel roll. The middle eastern food with lots of nutrients and made with green veggies, this falafel roll has made a whole new taste in the best Kathi rolls list. Tiny chickpeas patty made in olive oil with added green herbs & cumin, bombarded with the richness of bell peppers, and shredded lettuce is rolled in pita bread. Every tiny bit of this roll is a wholesome healthy snack. It is recommended for people with healthy eating and diet. One of the best and perfect meals in low calories.

Single Egg Chilli Chicken Roll

What is more flavour than a mixture of egg and chicken in a roll? Added Indian spices and tangy sauces, this roll is something you’ve never eaten before. All the ingredients & veggies are beaten in eggs to give a flavour of protein with fibres, and to make it more delicious, chilli chicken crunchy pieces are combined in tangy sauces thereby giving a spicy masala smacking taste. 

Made with fresh ingredients, get the best food to order to your home or office and satisfy your soul with the awesomeness of gracious Kathi rolls just similar to what rolls mania Gurgaon offers!

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